Sunday, May 25, 2008

Road Work

Anybody notice that gas prices are going up? Yeah, me too. Because of that, I'm riding my motorcycle almost exclusively. It's an eye-opener, let me tell you.

I'm betting that nobody who actually paves the roads rides a motorcycle. Know why? The bumps that you hit in a car feel pretty small but those same bumps on a motorcycle are real kidney clangers.

The bikers out there know what I mean. Bumps that make you clench your butt cheeks hard so that your kidneys don't fall out and splat behind you.

I've been hitting my share of those lately and it's getting old. I'd like to propose that all of the road worker decision makers be forced to ride the city streets on a motorcycle for a month. I'd bet you'd seen glass smooth streets in a week.

Later. I gotta go pack my kidneys in ice.

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