Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Squirrel Battle

Apparently, squirrels and I are destined to fight for the rest of our lives. I've been hearing one in the ceiling over our mudroom. My oldest actually caught the critter coming out from under the eave. I'm not sure who scared who the most....the oldest or the squirrel. The oldest said he scared the squirrel so much that the squirrel jumped right into the wall and fell dazed to the ground. My oldest said he nearly wet his pants. You figure out who scared whom the most.

I find some wood in the garage and put it up as a facia board to block the opening. Problem is that it's not quite wide enough and of course, because this is an older house, the eave isn't straight across so there are some dips and curves. I decide to use the expanding foam to cover those holes. I figure the squirrel won't chew through it.

Holy cow, I was wrong. My SO went outside and there the squirrel was, taking bites out of that foam and spitting it on the ground. She hissed at it and the squirrel scurried up on the roof then hurled squirrel profanity down at her. So there's my partner standing ankle deep in the expanding foam "popcorn" that the squirrel has seen fit to spit on the ground and there is the squirrel now pressed flat on a tree limb above the driveway shooting the evil eye down at my partner.

There's something wrong with this house.

It now has a strip of metal flashing across the eave. Let's hope I didn't trap the squirrel in. Or isolate babies. That would really fuck my karma up.


For all practical purposes, we've finished the sunroom. We put up the last piece of crown moulding this weekend. Final coats of paint and moved the furniture in. Whew. All that's left are the curtains and a new futon cover. Took longer than we thought but it's been worth it. Another successful make-over.

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