Friday, March 14, 2008

Good lord, I'm tired.

As you may or may not know, the family is working on remodeling the sun room. We've had to deal with water damage, mold and cranky building materials not to mention cranky family members. Attaching panels of bead board on the ceiling was a monsterous task even with an air compressor and framing nailer. I had to keep adjusting the pressure so that I didn't keep shooting the nail straight through the material.

My arms and shoulders will never be the same. Those framing nailers are heavy and working one over your head while on a ladder and leaning is no small task. Neither is yelling at your children to hold the broom handle steady while they prop up the ceiling panel. It was a video worth of AFV. The nice thing is that it's all up except for one short strip, which we held off on so that we could have one more rain to see if we really did fix the leak. If we did, then we should be able to finish the ceiling and begin painting this weekend.

Why is this important or blog worth? I dunno. Except to say that patience and perseverance are important attributes to have throughout your life. It's worth teaching your children regardless of how hard a lesson it is to learn.

One of the next major jobs is to move the 75 gallon salt water tank we have in there. Gawd. I need a fork lift. We can't move the tank until we lay the tile in the area we want to put the tank. Engineering and planning. It's everywhere.

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