Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Thursday Morning

It's finally cold. Who knows how long it will last. The only good thing about it...well, a couple of things really. Hopefully, it will kill some bugs and hopefully, it will motivate me to go rent the machine to blow some additional insulation into my attic. I'm thinking about just hiring someone to do this for me. I know I could save some money if I did it myself but then when I calculate what my time is worth--well, it's much cheaper for me to hire it out. At least that way I know it will get done. I'll just procrastinate for another year. I'm funny that way.

I came home from work day before yesterday and noticed that the front yard had been raked. It looked nice. My partner told me that the boys had done it with no arguing. They just went right out and took care of it. I asked her if she was certain they were our boys. She was sure so we went out for dinner. Fresh Slices. Very nice place with an awesome deck on the back. Whoever built that did a stellar job. It's fabulous. The food's good too but not good enough to take my loyalties from Molly's. We adore that place. Best margarita in the city. Go check it out.

I'm not looking forward to work today. I'm working part time for a total goober. Most of my career, I've been fortunate enough to work for people who knew more about the job than I did. Not anymore and it's wearing my last nerve thin.

Not much to say today but felt the need to post. I'm headed off to the office. Toodles.


Just another southern gay guy said...

Please just pay the guy and then take young Wm. out of the house when he comes by.

There's a reason it's called insulation and not pink fluffy stuff.

Save This MG said...

Yeah...that's the way I'm leaning. If I'm lucky, I can set it up for while they're out of town. That way Wm will never know.