Sunday, August 19, 2007

Selling the MG

I've made the painful decision to sell the MG. My oldest has to have braces and at $5000 I need all the spare change I can get. She's a 1965 MKIII Midget but with the 1275 engine. She has a new top, paint, carpet on the inside, new slave cylinder, rebuilt master cylinder, rebuilt clutch. I've always joked that I would drive a car until I saw parts fall off in the road behind me. Well, that happened. The chrome ring around the right headlight fell off. It's time for me to sell her. She's running. She'll need a wheel balance and new tires. The speedometer cable needs replacing but that's an easy job. Messy but easy. I have a ton of spare parts that I can either sell with her or separately. Depends on the offer.

Sad day for me.

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